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tv   Inside Washington  ABC  April 3, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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>> when our i interesests a vals stake, we have a responsibility to act. >> this week on "inside washington," president obama case for military libya.ntion in but o arehe good guys in this fight? >> we don't know as much as we know as much as we expect we wi. >> everyone upset. >> the tea party puts the heat on the speaker of the house. >> the senate says we have a plan. well, great. pass the damn thing. >> wal-mart wom go to the court to deny equal pay work.ual >> the fight has just begun. a word on the passing of
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blazer geraldine ferraro. >> this candidacy is not just a breakthrough.a it is not just a statement, it between women all ove america. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a nationally televis this week, president obama expln his reasons for .aunching air attacks on libya >> we knew that if we wanted -- waited one more day, benghazi, a city nearly the size charlotte, could suffer a tt would have regionrated across the and stained thcontents of the .orld it was not in our national happen. to let that
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i refused to let that hapappen. >> 10 days before that speech, american aircraft launched attacks on a libyan military targets on the ground. to paraphrase the president, mark, why was it in our national interest to intervene? >> to avoid a humanitarian the president's explanation. that stands as the only reason, until the results come in, and we are far from having results. >> nina? >> mark's right. i found at the speech is although ifssuring, to diagram it difficult. it is >> evan? >> i am for staying out, but i have to admit it was a pretty good speech. he said it was a one-off, isolated thing, and not such policy, but a a good speech. >> charles, why is it in our
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to intervenerest in libya? >> the intervention was clearly late, uncertain, ambiguous, and hearted.half- i don't think americans want the president to commit men and the armed services to conditions, and why i think it will become increasingly more popular. -- more on popular. the president said that if he acted, it would be thousands of additional borders, putting on the peaceful yet fragile transition in egypt. and columnist at roger simon says this the new domino theory. >> obama was trying to make the that it wasn't just it is alson, strategically important. the argument he made is the one you cited, and it is not at all convincing. the refugees -- egypt has 80
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million people. exactly have its.bilized he was reaching, trying to find could sayso that he people to battle on behalf our national interest." it was clearly a humanitarian intervention, but it was so late -- the rebelsed fleeing east. the territory all took, and they are back in benghazi. now what happens? >> i am not sure there would been a big difference if we had done it earlier. i am afraid that we are in a time when there are no simple answers here. all of these things are and it was, and the president was right about one. -- we did it the other way in iraq and it did not work particularly well i their. >> the guy who coined the "domino theory" was eisenhower, who understood you are either all-in
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or all-out. he did not get involved in understoodcause he that you could get sucked into these things. the test for me is whether this off or whether we inevitabably gets up in. if we get sucked in, that is a mistake. >> there is no obama doctrine in sense of a monroe doctrine or truman doctrine. reactive rather than proactive, pragmatic, adaptable to globestances around the -- is that what it is? >> that is exactly what it is. he went to great effort to was a one-hat this only, not to be confused with the powell doctrine, now effectively repealed by two administrations. i think what you have on the ground in libya is a military that is a ragtag at best, cars, carrying rifles, they face heavy artillery
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armor.vy compete.ot >> in his nobel peace prize speech, the president said, "i believe that force can justified on humanitarian in the balkans and places scarred by war. inaction tears at our conscience and can lead to more costly intervention later." but he also said that america alone.act is this consistent with what he said in oslo? >> as. -- it is. a lot of it depends on luck. lucky, and gaddafi it itthe squeeze or dies, will be a brilliant strategy. if, h however, we have no contrl over this and he hangs on and it bloody civil war and we get in -- >> it could at end up two too.ries, just imagine for one second if by and hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands of people were killed, and there were pictures
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of that. we have always going on in the middle east. i don't know what is going to but everybody knows it is a very historic moment of proportions. that could have led to enormous the bad results immediately for our role in this epic moment. the reason that everybody understands that you cannot act on humanitarian basis is we did, we would be congo,d everywhere -- -- and wet, sudan to sustaine able for six months. we are not omnipotent. therefore, you have to have two criteria. humanitarian, moral intervention, but it also has to i important strategic that is obama has not me. >> just to argue the other s si, is a a strategic reason nina alluded to in it. we are being watched all over,
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>> we have seen flickers in the telligence of potential al hezbollah. >> that is admiral james stavridis, a top commander of nato. two of the rebels? -- who are the rebels? >> we don't know. we hope will be defections in gaddafi will fall apart and we are hoping that people will support in benghazi least -- have m more good guys and then al qaeda and types sort.t we know that there are al qaeda
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types because our intelligence said that among the fighterers against the united states in iraq that we thought were al capita ore highest per- libyans, which means area.hat not a promising beginning. nonetheless, the reason we have the cia agents on the ground is wasecide who is good, it reliable the good guys are. >> we know this week that there a presidential sigrid "finding" authorizing the cia to out landis and missions and supply arms to certain -- carry out, mission and supply to certain tribal groups and rebels. >> u.s. military and intelligence, particularly cia, to stress thatay the pilot islamists are a minor this anti-gaddafi movement, have been up to this point. gaddafi himself suggests and that al qaeda is behind everything against him.
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the cia covert actions in libya is there for a couple of purposes. first of all, one of the great that has emerged is that the gaddafiroops wearing civilian guard had infiltrated civilian garb have the rebels ando confuse the air attack. they want to identify where it them, and itloy grenade launchers to identify where the rebels are and allow the gaddafi forces to use heavy artillery against them. it is to bring a sense of command and control. >> i keep thinking of "charlie wilson's war." all of a sudden, the law of unintended consequences. >> secretary g gates said we did armingt to get into the business.
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i am more worried about gaddafi himself. gaddafi is, may be mad like a but a mad person who has a lot of money, a lot of weaponry, and a history as a terrorist. he is a threat to us in this city. that is what you have to keep your eye on. the secretary of defense said openly that there will be no american goods up on the ground, yourself, what is with the cia guys in bebenghazi? they are wearing slippers. >> we ar in the middle east because that is where the oil is. the president made a speech at georgetownniversity, after a going to cut our byendence on foreign oil 1/3. how is he going to do that, nina? >> every president in modern times, i think to ronald reagan -- with the george w. bush it is make a switch grass into oil, and this wasn't
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better, and i've stopped paying attention. > they wanted to the one i think that all the smart people tax. on, a gas you have to have a big revenue or nothing good happens. >> charles has been talking this or as long as i've known him. >> 1983, my first piece on that. i've given up. >> i guess i been around longer. richard nixon was the first to this, and many of the points -- it might have been the same teleprompter. [laughter] energy independence, the become a sort of the underlying premise. >> two points. it looks like the president's drill in oil is a brazil. second, he said we would cut oil from the day of swearing-in trade weighted
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that day? day, we imported 11 barrels a day traded today it is 9.7 million because recession. we are already 1/3 of the way lifted a he has not figure. hope and [laughter] [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou cd
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>> he is, but less today that he party rally, 200 people showed up. the muscle and they promised to the threats and they to primary john boehner are a lot more calo than year. more hollow and last year. has a tough job. the republicans want to unveil budget.12 they cannot do it if the down.ment is closing is their star and they is theuted him likike he coming, and they have to -- the stagease the stage him and include the curtain down and social security checks being held up in the mail. >> he is right, but i want to when you saidntro havetea party want to cuts. a bigger $30 billion in addition to what want.mocrats
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300b budget for this year's 300000 billion dollars -- -- the point is, is minuscule. it is in san that we would shut $1.60ur government with a trillion in deficit over a amount. republicans understood -- understand it would be a mistake. they needed to make a compromise -- >> in down the government is no joke. thing that kind of cause an interest rate at something to be proud of. >> so would be failingo raise limit.t there was not an economist in the world, almost -- >> let me move on to campaign finance. a quick word on mitt romney. almost $2 million the first few months of the year another preparing for presidential run, as we all now.
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none of the likely republican seems to me,e, it take public funding. obama won't, because n -- he did not last time. is this the e end of public funding? >> it ended in 2008 when barack obama, because he could out- theed john mccain, became president since richard run out privately- campaign. it imposed limits on what you to the campaign, but as a candidate could spend. now the top is gone, the limits off, and president obama's raise upis pledging to $1 billion in 2012. >> when we combibine what the candidates have done, like obama and others before him, and the united states court, who ripped most of the regulations on spending
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off --ely >>orporarate spending. >> corporate spending and union spending, it cannot possibly take public financing. between those two, what we've essentially is an adam v version of campaigning, and i'm not sure where that is going to go inerms of democracy. >> you can buy congressmen. y a president.abu more trouble at the level. >> i agree. adam smith, a free-market on the amendment, and political speech is the most the one that is the least regulated is a good thing. >> n not to be polley and at -- pollyanna, but if you can where the two is wheres are, that
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many plays a big part it. there are two things that matter in politics. first, and i cannot remember the second. [laughter] >> you might want it checked out piece inmmings' "politico,", that cops and gop.ighters turned on the >> the biggest loss that in 2010 werefered white, blue-collar, non- male.e educated voters, that is the target group. >> i would think that those in sector would outnumber those in the government sesector by a lot. ifhe issue is whether or n wisconsin is in hurt, i thinkor a wash or overall it helps the republicans. >> i cannot disagree more with .r. krauthammer polls show that he is wrong.
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>> wal-mart may be a big , but it is not big beugh where they cannot challenged in the court of law. >> that is betty dukes, one of suing the giant mart corp. port sexual discrimination. this is about more than 1 million women, right? >> it is a class action suit, and the minute the supreme court review was going to be a classre could this big, the minute this court it was going to review i think it was clear to all of us who watch the court that the answer was going to be no. the only interesting and unpredictable thing in some ways was there arement
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now. women on the court some of them may vote against it certifying the class, but they were far more said that it to case and how this you can have complete ss discretion for of managers that discrimination. they understood that point. think the man at did.cularly 1.5 million women, as justice -- there isd youous trouble about how handle that big as a. >> toomey this is less about about trialt it is lawyers. they are the chief and dialing that goal.s a worthwhile >> tell me how you g get rich judgment. get a good >> this is only about pay. >> but it is all part of these
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big classes in g generally, --suits >> this is part of your continuing diatribe against lawyers. >>hich i endorse. scalia, who had some part questions, on the way to this hearing rear ended a car on the parkway, showed up, and was absolutely ornery, as he usually -- >> but he was on time. >> geraldine ferraro, walter mondale's running ma, died this week. you have a story about her. >> i recall the day she was chosen, and we are not supposed emotional.ctive or i was in anybody who had a daughter or mother or sister or wife -- >> i haveve a mother. >> and you had a similar feeling. >> i don't remember it. >> ronald reagan's bolster died
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me thatk, and he told every night of the 1984 campaign, and the one of the whole year when mondale led ronald reagan he chose geraldine mate.o as his running he got a boost, it just didn't last. >> she really did break pthe glass ceiling
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